NOIR films

NOIR films

Year of creation: 2012

Team: Maxim Eruzhenets and Marina Kirakosyan

Focus: Capture magic, and to live like the life is the art itself.

Inga: Do you take commercials? Is it solely art? 

Max: Yes, I rarely take commercials as a dp. It gives us the opportunity to make our own films. 

I: What you are most proud of? Do you have any dreams concerning collaborations? 

M: I can’t use the word “proud”, it’s more about goosebumps that I get when watching our movie after six month it was finished, for example. And the work speaks to me. We would love to collaborate with Dimitris Poipounau, Nils Frahm, Woodkid, Tigran Hamasyan, Low Roar, Tom York.

I: What led you to India? 

M: At some point we got interested in yoga, and we wanted to experience the “another world” feelings. So we came up with 20 hours of video material. Indian people are so open in front of camera. We were able to dig into so many stories. Then it took one year of editing to make a film about it. We called it “Emotional Wave of India” because it was like an emotional roller coaster for us.

I: Tell us one story that you will never forget. 

M: This summer we went to the “Moulin Jaune” of Slava Polunin. This is a village half an hour from Paris, and it’s a place where adults have a chance to become children again. Slava also invites weirdos from all over the world to come there, so it makes it far more valuable. This trip completely changed our mindsets. We have made one hour film about this place and would love to share it with others soon.

I: What are your plans for the future?

M: To continue shooting films about things that matter for us the most.

interviewer: Inga Gezalian