eye to eye: Luca

Luca Werner

: How would you present yourself to a stranger? 

Luca: In a real life situation I would probably cut it quite short and just say my name, and that I am happy to meet this person. I guess then in the following conversation you start to get to know each other better. 

I: How would you describe your work? What’s the core message of your art?

L: Sebastien Zanella once wrote me my filming/photography is a mixture between innocence and arrogance and maybe this describes it quite well. I personally would say I am still trying to figure it out what the core message of my work is, if there is one... 

I have this feeling tho of getting a bit closer to realize what really matters to me in filming and photography from time to time, but I am still far away from totally knowing it.

I think right now for me it is more about understanding why I like to photograph certain things and why I am interested to create films about certain topics. Till now I can just say that a lot of my work is based on personal memories and experiences and that I always will try to keep an authenticity in it.

I: What’s the difference between photography and videography for you?

L: For me it lays in the process of each of them. In the process of photography for example I can just walk through the streets and I can react to what the world offers to me, without thinking too much, a bit like meditating. While on the other hand with filming it is more likely that I have some kind of a concept or a plan of what I am going to shoot. 

(In addition I feel tho that I can work a lot more unconscious while filming as I always have an instant feedback through my screen of how things are looking with which I can play around while in photography it is often just a moment to catch which can be gone in the next second, so there is not too much time to play around.)

I: Can you name the projects you are proud of? 

L: I am proud of the film “Four Seasons” and also this upcoming series of people who jump from certain places like bridges or ruins into the water.

I: You’ve had some exhibitions as well, right? 

L: Yes i did. So i had two small ones in Bordeaux, France. And one which was a bit bigger in Munich, Germany.

I: What are your dreams in the sphere of art?

L: That’s a hard question. I think I would dream to be able to live an artist life, like it’s shown in the movies (laughing). Not worrying too much about unimportant things, having a social life while creating something which is valuable to me and hopefully then also to other people.

I: What is the process of searching for you?

L: I think it often happens after having a down in life, a lot of questions come to your mind and then some evening at 11pm you start searching for some answers. And even if you don`t find any at least you were searching.

I: What would you like to find?

L: I really don't know to be honest.

I: Thank you so much for this conversation, Luca. Could you present in a few words your video, please?

L: Thank you. Sure. 

Between the age of thirteen to fifteen I spent most of my summer at our local river. My friends and I always jumped from a bridge and then floated down the river for the next kilometer before we walked back and did it all over again. A lot of new things happened for me at that time. And it definitely played a big role in my upbringing. Everytime you needed to overcome yourself to jump and everytime you did it partly because others were watching and partly for yourself. 

When I searched for a place in Paris which would reflect that story, I found la villette, a huge park were mostly kids and teenagers jump into the seine on really warm days.

interviewer: Inga Gezalian